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Personal Experiences (Edited 11/20) of Mr. Ganesh from South India

36 months ago, I had a severe stroke. And was hospitalized for 8 days. From the day I returned home, my life has been a bed of roses.

What I did was simple: I had a strict Ayurveda diet and went for 2x45 minutes’ walk, hand exercises (after the initial therapy of 2 years, it is GITA that I write) and an easy to do yoga. 

Today after 36 months, I say …that Stroke is mind-body exercise and Western medicine would well advised to learn from Ayurveda/Yoga and life-style changes.

I who was a very negative person before and had a 360 degree turn; thanks to my Stroke.

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The Family Guide (Facts about Aphasia and Stroke) has been published in Bengali and is available on request from Ratna Sagar Publishers, New Delhi.

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