Job Search Support Letter

Dear Gentleman,

As a volunteer of the Aphasia and Stroke Association of India, I am writing this letter to seek your help in considering this stroke patient or his/her spouse for suitable employment.

Stroke, a common cause of disability in adults, affects a patient’s ability to speak, read, understand, and write.  A stroke may also affect physical capabilities, such as walking and seeing.  A stroke can be devastating for a family if it affects the primary earner.  However, most stroke patients are aware of their surroundings and can reason.    They can work and contribute effectively, as long as they are assigned responsibilities that are within their physical capacity or involve routine tasks.

The manner in which we care for the elderly, disabled, and those in need not only reflects our own moral strength but also the character of our culture.

I urge you to consider any stroke patient with this note for suitable employment. Alternately, you could consider employing the spouse.
Your support can save this family’s dignity and help them stand on their own feet. 

With best wishes,
Subhash C. Bhatnagar, Ph.D. CCC-SLP


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The Family Guide (Facts about Aphasia and Stroke) has been published in Bengali and is available on request from Ratna Sagar Publishers, New Delhi.

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This association cannot offer any medical advice or assess any medical-neurological condition.

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