Importance of early treatment

Not all affected brain cells die immediately after a stroke. The lack of oxygen first affects only the cells in the center of the infarct (called the “core”). The area surrounding the "core" infarct is the "ischemic penumbra,” and contains the "idle" neurons; these cells may be silent but not dead and are capable of some functioning. The “idle” neurons may survive about 20 minutes in the absence of any collateral circulation and up to 6-8 hours if some degree of alternate vascularization becomes available. The time period immediately after the stroke is of immense therapeutic value, since the revascularization in this restricted period can minimize the functional loss.
Thus, a stroke patient should be taken to the hospital as early as possible.

This is essential for receiving a specialized care, which is needed to prevent worsening of the stroke and promote a better outcome of functions.


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The Family Guide (Facts about Aphasia and Stroke) has been published in Bengali and is available on request from Ratna Sagar Publishers, New Delhi.

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