Dysphagia Treatment

Once a safe feeding plan is established from the evaluation, treatment includes:

  • Educating the patient and caregivers on how to implement thetreatment plan.
  • Incorporating different therapeutic strategies including oral-motor exercises, oral motor sensory stimulation, and modification of positions for feeding. 
  • Making modifications to the feeding plan by continuously regulating food variety, size, and texture in light of changes that occur in the swallow.
  • In the case of serious swallowing problems, patients may be fed with the help of either nasogastric (NG) or gastrostomy (G) tube:
    • The NG tube is inserted through the nose and runs to the stomach. This tube feeding is advised only as a temporary measure until the patients can develop the ability to swallow orally.
    • In more serious case of swallowing impairment, the gastrostomy (G) tubeis recommended.This involves the insertion of the tube through the abdomen to deliver needed nutrition directly to the stomach. Once the swallowing improves, this tube is easily removed.





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