Dysphagia Treatment

The treatment with a plan for safety and efficiency of food/liquid intake involves:

  • Educating the patient and caregivers on the ways to effectively implement and be compliant with the recommended treatment plan, which includes:
    • Incorporation of different therapy techniques that include rehabilitative swallowing exercises, sensory enhancement strategies, compensatory strategies, and modification of feeding positions for improving the safety and efficiency of swallowing.
    • Modifications to the meal plan to continuously regulate food variety, size, and texture in light of changes that occur while swallowing.
    • Maintenance of proper oral care and dentition.
    • Monitoring for upper respiratory tract infections.
    • Recommendations for alternate means of nutrition and hydration (nasogastric (NG) or gastrostomy (G) tubes).
    • The NG tube feeding (through nose to the stomach) is advised as a temporary measure until a patient can develop the ability to swallow orally.
    • The G tube feeding (through an opening in the abdomen) is recommended in more serious cases of swallowing impairment. Once the swallowing improves, this tube is easily removed.

(Dated Jan 3, 2020)


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